Unknown Votes Calculation for Cross Endorsed Candidates
Candidate*: Unknown Number of Votes*:
Select Party # of Votes* % of Votes Unknown Votes Allocated based on % of Votes Final Allocation
Total Votes:

    Please follow the instructions
    • Enter the Candidate Name in the “Candidate” Text box
    • Enter the Unknown Number of Votes in the “Unknown Number of Votes” Text box
    • Select a Party from the “Party” Dropdown
    • Enter the “# of Votes” for the selected Party
    • Click “Add Row” button to add more parties to which the Candidate is Cross Endorsed
    • Repeat Step 3 and Step 4
    • Click “Allocate Votes”  button to find the final allocation
    • Check the numbers in the “Final Allocation” column for each party
    • Click the “Print” button to print the output in the printer
* Fields are mandatory
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